Bhakti Surabhi

Bhakti Surabhi introduces you to the fragrance of deities representing knowledge, power, dispassion, love and service. Melodious tunes to the songs composed by Sant Kabirdas, Brahmanandaji, Susheela Acharya & Pramodini Rao cajole one to fold one’s hands in devotion and surrender.

Shri Rama Sharan

Surrendering at the feet of the Supreme is a sure shot means for happiness that comes with the assurance of being completely taken care of. Shri Rama Sharan is a collection of bhajans on Lord Shri Rama by famous saints as well as contemporary poets that portray a yearning to be taken under His umbrella of grace.

Hymn to Him

A hymn is a song of praise, addressed to a deity, in adoration or prayer.

In this CD, the Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya has been chanted in four different Ragas and Talas, to let the listener soak in the beauty of music, and lead him/her towards meditation.